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Meet Our ASHAवादी Team

Priyank SIr.png

ASHAवादी  Priyank

Founder & CEO

Leading the company with 11+ years of professional experience with tremendous Digital Marketing knowledge & excellent teaching and convincing skills. He has founded Asha Advertising with a set of expert, innovative & experienced co-founders. His extraordinary technical skills help team to come out of every obstacles in digital world.

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ASHAवादी Samadhan

Business Consultant

As per the name suggests, he has 'Samadhan' to almost every 'Samasya' a business faces during the phases of Startup, Growth and Management. He is a perfect mix of A creative mind, communicative words, keen observant eyes, skeptical ears and a fun loving heart!! With these skill sets, he is always after the continual growth of the entities he works with.


ASHAवादी Manisha 

Senior Graphic Designer

She has got great graphic designing & video editing skills. Her day at the office starts with listening to music. An engineer by profession & completes her tasks with utmost dedication. Creative Designs chahiye? Toh inke paas jaana na bhule!


ASHAवादी Aashitosh

Senior Digital Marketing Executive

His day at the office begins with “EATING” something & then starts working. Aashitosh loves traveling to new places every weekend & clicking beautiful memories. A dedicated team member with great digital marketing skills.


ASHAवादी Girish 

Creative Graphic Designer

Our talented graphic designer, Girish is very calm & approachable. He is always ready to work on creative designs & loves to sing songs while working at the office.  And, always brings yummy food for all of us which makes us think more about our lunch break. Passionate at heart & wants to achieve much more in his life.

ASHAवादी Mrunmayi

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-05 at 7.08.03 PM.jpeg

Senior Copy Writer

Along with coffee, writing is a vital part of Mrunmayi’s life. With 5 years of experience in various fields of media right from print to digital, Mrunmayi has tried her hands on almost every beat and still searching for new ways to keep up with the changing world. She is also a certified yoga instructor, and you will find her indulged in meditation sessions during her free time.


ASHAवादी Chaitanya

Designing Intern

Our team is incomplete without Chaitanya. He is one of the most talkative, fun-loving people in our team. Passionate about sports, singing, designing, rapping & has got bigger dreams in life.


ASHAवादी Pooja

Digital Marketing Executive

Pooja is the digital world enthusiastic and has channelized all her creativity into being our digital marketing executive. She is a passionate music lover, which has made her a great listener. She believes in the idea that her creativity is her wealth. 


ASHAवादी Pallavi

Digital Marketing Intern

It is said that the person who talks less talks the best, Pallavi is one such person. Every single day she learns from her experiences and her seniors with the same willingness. Pallavi says that she is here to learn about ample ideas and work on them. 


Everyone has different reasons to come to work. For some its Learning, for some its Friends, for some it's both. We are a company that values efforts, work life balance and fun at work. We are glad we could bring both elements together under one roof and create a fine balance between the two. Life is the journey is to share our joys celebration and proud moments with our Clients, partners and friends through the Web sites and Social Media Platforms.

Hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to encourage us on social Media Platform.

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