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Social Media Consultancy

With the expertise of Asha Advertising, your company can establish and refine its brand and voice in social media. Start building your personal brand as a social media consultant for companies. Your brand is unique, and we have the social media consulting services to help you showcase it. 


We can help your company launch a successful social media strategy and manage it. We will find out how to manage your social media campaigns and the challenges of your social media consulting when you sign up for Asha Advertising’s social media marketing and advertising services. Our social media consultants look at every possible network your business can use from your audience and your industry to find the most useful social media channels. 


There is no right or wrong time to launch social media consulting services, but with the pandemic, there is never a greater need for qualified social media consultants to advise and help businesses across the digital marketing landscape. 


We ensure that client business has consistent and synergistic content across all social networking sites where they are involved. We help clients develop profitable strategies to enhance their current brand and reputation. 

Services Under Social Media Consultancy

1. Extensive Competition Research

2. Detailed Audit of previous activities

3. Content Strategy & Calendars

4. Social Media Advertising

5. Campaign Recommendation

6.User Engagement Tactics

7. Tools Recommendation

8. KPI’s planning

9. Channels & Digital Mktg Mix Recommendation

10. Analytics configuration

11. Weekly & Monthly Reporting

12. Crisis Management

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