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Print Media

Although many non-physical marketing materials for a single purpose are useful, the benefits of printed media go far beyond what most people think. With this in mind, designing and sharing great print marketing items should be at the top of your strategic marketing initiatives list.

Whether you are distributing your print marketing face to face or by post, it is crucial to convey your brand image. Asha Advertising has helped numerous businesses with their print media projects. We can help your company or organization to create a sense of professionalism, design high-quality materials, and deliver results. No matter what marketing strategy is best for you, our marketing production services help you to make a good impression. Regardless of your business objectives, our print media can support and drive your marketing and advertising initiatives. We have in-house graphic designers who offer you a print media service you can be proud of. 


Print media marketing continues to be an effective and cost-effective way to promote your business. Print media are easy to produce, cost-effective and a measurable marketing tool that offers a high return on investment. Make print materials an essential part of your successful business marketing plan. Although the numbers for print advertising have declined in the last decade, they are still a viable form of marketing that is necessary for certain markets. 

Services Under Print Media

1. Visiting Cards

2. Brochure

3. Wedding Card

4. Invitation Card

5. P.P Files

6. Envelopes

7. Label

8. Sticker Printing

9. Pamphlet

10. Flex / Banner Printing

11. I-Cards

12. Greeting Cards

13. Wall & Table Calender

14. Promo Table & Standee

15. Doctor Files

16. Bill Books

17. Letter Head

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